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Coreburger-The Two Towers Coreburger-The Two Towers

Rated 4 / 5 stars

great game

you people tak life way to seriously, the game was ok. also id like to add thta i dont remember this guy saying this had anything to do with the twin towers, its just two towers, i hope you sad idiots all wrote to the director of lord of the rings the two towers, infact i bet you losers fuckin did, lol. and you didnt lose your dad, even if you did this guy didnt fly the fuckin planes. ive seen worse than this in films which could be more offensive to 911 victoms. plus you fuckin retards payed for the guys to fly the fuckin planes if thats not bad enough you also tought them how to fly. so before you go knocking a fuckin game here, think about the people still dying right now because of someone you voted into power, if your dads dead good, thatll be one less idiot to vote a fuckin power crazy leader into power. and you gotta admit it was funny as hell seing those people jump out of windows, haha